Pay Per Minute for Skype™

Payment system for live interactions


Secure, Skype Payments

How to use Minutizer™ to pre-pay/buy Skype™ sessions?

Pre-pay/sell Skype sessions to/from any Skype™ ID

Customers: Add funds to your Minutizer account. Use these credits to buy Skype sessions without revealing your credit/debit card details anymore. Read more about how it works.

Pay per Minute any Skype audio/video session

Service providers: install our Skype plugin on Windows and charge for every minute of video/audio call. Customers: pay just how long you are in a Skype call with the provider (teacher, instructor, trainer, etc).

Promote yourself with a Public Profile

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Who are you and how to use our system?

Minutizer Plugin - How it works (From a service provider point of view)


Secure Skype Payments