is a payments system for live interactions on your personal phone&Skype

Earn money using Skype to share your talent and knowledge!


It’s so easy to get started, all you need is a Skype account.


Your calls, chats and money are protected by Skype and Minutizer


It’s the industry standard for sharing live knowledge and talent

Using Skype & Minutizer

Sharing knowledge and earning money was never easier!

  • Receive 100% from what the customers buy from you
  • Set your custom price $ per minute for Skype sessions.
  • Withdraw in less than 7 days


We got you covered, from joining Skype to making money and tracking your interactions and funds as you share your talents and knowledge.


Skype is one of the, if not the most popular video-chat app

Booking system

Clients can book a slot in the Minutizer calendar and prepay in advance for it. This way, the service provider has a guarantee for that time

Nothing to install

Only the service provider needs to install the plugin

Pay as you go

Once the call is initiated, the client will be charged for each minute of the conversation

Prepaid services

In some cases the service provider can make a special discount, or you just want to tip him/her for their time and service. This way you can send anytime a direct payment.

Multiple payout choices

Payout via Payoneer, Paxum, PayPal, Bitcoin & Bank transfer (for amounts higher than 10k)

Secure & private

One reason why we love Skype is that it made possible to have encrypted chat

Top up once & pay many

You don’t need to add funds each time you want to make a call. Minutizer allows you to use the account as your personal e-wallet. Add money and spend them when you want.

No fees inside

There are no fees inside the Minutizer system (pay anyone or get paid = 0 cost). Every inside transaction you make, is free of charge.

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